FES Higher Education Consultants has been in the field of career counseling and student placement since 2003, catering to the needs of international students from our six established offices located in two countries i.e. Pakistan and United Arab Emirates (UAE). Our expertise in the field of overseas education has made us a time-tested resource for students in securing admission that commensurate well with their aspirations and credentials in an array of esteemed universities ranging from the United Kingdom, Australia, United States of America, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Hungary, Turkey, Malaysia, Hungary, Italy, Russia,  United Arab Emirates, and many more popular study destinations around the globe.

At FES we have a specialized and dedicated team of foreign and local highly qualified education advisors and counselors who provide professional guidance to students and their parents/ sponsors. Our strongly ‘student centered’ approach to counseling means; we provide students with complete information on all available options to assist them make the right decisions at the right time, having long-term positive impact on their career goals. Our students are not just our clients but bright prospects for our country and the world we all live in.

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Major Selection

We help the students choose the best suited major to pursue in the future. It is the most important step in starting a career and excelling in it. The right major, will land you the right jobs for your desired career.

University selection

Based on the student profile and major selection, our team of experts help the student choose the right university for him/her. It would be ill advised to choose just ANY university for one’s courses. Therefore, FES Premium makes sure student gets the right university for the right course.

Program Selection

After major and university are finalized, our counselors make sure the right set of modules are opted for by the student. More often than not, students don’t pay much attention to program selection and as a consequence, miss out on some important modules required by employers. Our team makes sure that do not happen to our students.

Application Submission

A small mistake in a university application leads to a rejection. With ever increasing competition in the world, one sloppy mistake can cost you significantly. FES Premium makes sure the application form and details are submitted perfectly and proofread multiple times.

Essay Writing Guidance

Most of the US colleges and universities require students to submit essays on various topics along with a Statement of Purpose. While students know how to write, usually the do not know what to write. FES Premium provides Essays evaluation service by a team of experts and several revisions are done before submission. A student must write his/her own essay for evaluation.

Alumni Connection

With a network of thousands of alumni around the globe, FES Premium has the reach and capacity to connect with one of the alumni in a region nearby. This program has helped dozens of our students in settling down after they have landed in the foreign land.

Visa Application

Visas are tricky. With an experience of around two decades, FES Premium can help students submit a solid case and increase chances of visa success. Documents checklist and visa form submission assistance are key areas of our expertise.


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